Musician & Composer

Pablo Ávila

Pablo Avila grew up in a family of musicians in Tucumán, the 5th biggest city of Argentina. His passion for music develops as he is just a kid. He learns to play guitar and rapidly decides to make a profession out of it. In his teenager years Pablo becomes a real guitarist virtuoso, playing both acoustic and electric guitars. His repertoire spreads from hard rock to Latin music, through symphonic rock, pop music, romantic song or jazz.

Apart from guitar, Pablo improves his vocal technique so as to become a professional singer. He also cumulates many other musical talents, playing acoustic instruments such as piano, sax, accordion, percussions…

In 2010 he creates Atenea, a symphonic rock band made of 5 hard rock musicians. As a leader, Pablo recruits all the members including a female rock singer. He composes most original songs, manages the band and takes over the promotion and development. From 2010 to 2014, Atenea performs numerous live concerts in Argentina. And rapidly attracts numerous fans, playing sometimes for an audience of some thousands of people. Atenea also appears 5 times in live performances and interviews during Subi el Volumen, a popular musical show broadcasted by the regional TV channel Canal 5.

The year 2015 will be targeted on live performing projects at a higher scale and some challenging editing projects. Several solo concerts are already scheduled. And 1 album is in preparation: one solo album of a selection of Pablo’s new original songs.

Musical production

I compose and produce my own music although in the live shows I also present a repertoire of traditional compositions giving it its own style.


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París, Francia